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Studying mouse and rat embryos has never been easier

In Vivo Developmental and Pregnancy Research at any Gestational Time Point

From detecting pregnancy to measuring fetal and placental oxygenation and blood flow; the Vevo can do it all!

Vevo micro-ultrasound imaging platforms are ideally suited for developmental and pregnancy research in small animals. The size, structural details and function of the placenta and developing embryo can all be measured over multiple gestational time-points without having to sacrifice your animal.

Repeatable for longitudinal studies over gestation, rapid, and robust and with resolution down to 30 μm, studying mouse and rat embryos has never been easier.

Mouse Implantation Site at Mid-Gestation

Spiral Arteries with Color Doppler in a Mid-Gestational Mouse Placenta

Mouse Umbilical Artery Flow at Mid-Gestation

Oxygen saturation in E14 mouse embryo and placenta

Mouse embryo and placenta showing oxygenation, using photoacoustic imaging.

Ideal For Research on:

  • Developmental toxicity and drug trials
  • Fetal programming
  • Pregnancy research and pregnancy complications