4D-Mode Imaging

Seeing More Matters - Capture the Entire Heart in Motion!

4D Imaging Brings Together Dynamic Motion and 3D Geometry!


Cutting edge cardiovascular research demands cutting edge technology.

4D imaging on the Vevo 3100 represents the next step in the evolution of preclinical imaging; a feature that brings together the dynamic motion of the myocardium throughout the cardiac cycle with the 3D geometry of the heart.

Obtain incredible images and data in vivo that consider the motion and shape of the unique hearts and blood vessels in your study animals without any assumptions.

Cardiac Hypertrophy in 4D

Abdominal Aorta in 4D

What is 4D Imaging?

3D – High Spatial resolution - seeing the heart from any angle 


EKV – High temporal resolution – seeing the entire cardiac cycle

  • Acquire a 3D image at every time-point of the cardiac cycle
  • Allows you to see the dynamics of the entire chamber or blood vessel
  • Acquisition in 4D-Mode is intuitive and easy to use!

What can you do with 4D Images?

Measurements you can obtain without making any assumptions about the shape or dynamics of the heart:

  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative
  • Linear measurements on individual frames
  • Functional measurements
  • Volumetric measurements (across all time-points in the cardiac cycle)



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