Photoacoustic Contrast Agents

Enable High-resolution Molecular Imaging at Depth

Characterize, Visualize and Analyze your Molecular Contrast Agents with Photoacoustics

Exogenous contrast agents are important tools in a variety of imaging modalities including fluorescence, PET/SPECT, CT, MRI and ultrasound for visualizing cellular and molecular processes. Furthermore, they can be used for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases. Some of these agents are approved for clinical use and thus are ideal for translational research.

Photoacoustic contrast agents include:


Molecular imaging with the Vevo LAZR and LAZR-X Photoacoustic Imaging Systems offers several advantages over other modalities:

  • Deep optical signals visible with high-resolution (down to 40 um) in real time
  • Multispectral acquisition for imaging multiple components simultaneously (blood, exogenous contrast agents, genetic reporters)
  • Non-invasive and non-ionizing
  • Fusion of molecular data with detailed anatomical images


The Vevo LAZR and LAZR-X systems provide tools for characterizing photoacoustic contrast agents in vitro and in vivo with the Vevo PHANTOM and associated software application for researchers designing agents for biomedical applications.

Applications Include:

  • Cancer imaging and therapy
  • Sentinel lymph node detection
  • Imaging of lymphatics
  • Cell tracking
  • Reporter gene imaging
  • Angiography

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