High frame-rate cardiac imaging with photoacoustics

Measure Oxygenation in the Heart with Greater Precision

PA EKV  stands for Photoacoustic ECG-gated Kilohertz Visualization. This unique software allows for photoacoustic imaging with increased temporal resolution and is ideal for cardiovascular applications. By averaging multiple cardiac cycles, typical PA Mode frame rates are increased from approximately 5 frames/sec to hundreds of frames/sec allowing visualization of dynamic changes in photoacoustic signal over the entire cardiac cycle.  

PA EKV long axis view of a mouse left ventricle showing oxygen saturation (red, white, blue) in the anterior myocardium coregistered with anatomical ultrasound.

Unlock the ability to detect oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin dynamically throughout the cardiac cycle for assessment of:

  • Myocardial hemodynamics
  • Myocardial hypoxia and ischemia
  • Progression of angiogenesis

Multispectral PA EKV imaging also opens up molecular imaging cardiac applications using photoacoustic contrast agents such as:

  • Cell tracking
  • Biomarker imaging

Single wavelength PA EKV longitudinal view of the common carotid artery of a mouse coregistered with anatomical ultrasound.

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