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Seeing Hypoxia: High-resolution, in vivo oximetry

While methods exist for measuring blood oxygenation, they can be invasive, low temopral and/or spatial resolution, superficial or expensive.  Because oxy- and deoxyhemoglobin absorb light differently at different wavelengths, photoacoustic imaging can be used to generate a high resolution parametric map of the oxygen saturation of blood completely non-invasively.  This allows for the real-time monitoring of functional processes with the added advantage of haivng this oximetry data fused with high resolution anatomical images.

Oxy-Hemo mode can be used for:

Subcutaneous tumor showing spatial distribution of oxy and deoxyhemoglobin for hypoxia assessment

Oxygen saturation in E14 mouse embryo and placenta
E14 embryo (right) and associated placenta (left) showing oxygenation distribution