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Stereotactic frame and mouse brain atlas

Make Neuroimaging a

Imaging the mouse brain with ultrasound and photoacoustics has never been easier with the Vevo BRAIN stereotactic frame.


Attaching to our mouse imaging platform, it allows the stable positioning of the mouse head so it can be imaged reproducibly for longitudinal studies.  Gas anaesthesia is integrated and the low profile of the frame permits 3D imaging with any transducer.  The frame also comes with a free high-resolution ultrasound CD-1 mouse brain atlas* with major structures delineated in 3D for easy identification of neuroanatomy.

The Vevo BRAIN stereotactic frame features:

  • Integrated gas anaesthesia delivery
  • Adjustable nose-cone height
  • Integration with mouse imaging platform
  • High resolution ultrasound CD-1 mouse brain anatomical atlas*
*Only available on the Vevo 3100, LAZR-X and Vevo LAB

Screenshot of mouse brain atlas

Above: Screenshot of CD-1 mouse brain anatomical atlas on Vevo LAB.

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