See the entire picture with 3D-Mode Imaging! With the 3D Mode you will see the entire shape of your target anatomy on a micrometer scale.

No need to be an expert, just select the scanning distance, step size and in less than a couple of seconds you can image the entire tumor, metastasis, blood vessel, or organ of interest. 

3D Mode is not only an imaging mode, it allows for measurements of area, height, length and volume of the target anatomy.

If you combine 3D Mode with Color Doppler, Power DopplerNon-Linear Contrast Mode or Photoacoustics sub-modes you will extract even more parameters such as depth, volume and percent vascularity, all at a micrometer scale.

What can be imaged in 3D Mode?

3D Power Doppler Image of a Murine Mammary Tumor.

3D Volume Reconstruction of the Aortic Arch (Blue) with plaque regions (Red) in a Mouse.

3D Volume Reconstruction of the Mouse Thyroid Gland.


What can be quantified with 3D Mode?