Nonlinear Contrast Mode

Nonlinear Contrast with Vevo MicroMarker Contrast Agents allows you to perform perfusion studies and biomarker quantification with ease!

Nonlinear Contrast Imaging is performed by intravenously injecting either target-ready or untargeted microbubble contrast agents. Non-targeted microbubbles allow you to visualize and quantify blood perfusion within an organ or tissue of interest in 2D or 3D. Target-ready microbubbles can be conjugated to a biomarker for visualization and quantification in vivo.

Vevo MicroMarker contrast agents are micron sized, gas-filled microbubbles. Tissue typically reacts linearly to ultrasound energy while microbubbles react in a non-linear fashion to the same energy. Using proprietary filtering, Nonlinear Contrast Imaging on the Vevo Imaging Platform removes virtually all the linear response of tissue signal from the quantification process, allowing researchers to quantify the microbubble response alone. As these microbubbles are intravascular, they are easily introduced intravenously and pass through the vascular stream mimicking red blood cell movement.


Nonlinear contrast bolus perfusion into a subcutaneous tumor in a mouse.

Advanced contrast quantification of liver perfusion in color coded parametric map with the Vevo CQ software analysis tool.



Nonlinear Contrast is Perfect for:

  • Quantification of relative tissue perfusion down to the capillary level
  • Quantification of molecular biomarkers 
  • Visualization of necrotic regions
  • Studies of angiogenesis

Useful for Small Animal Models of:


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