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Imaging Stations

Custom-designed solutions for small animal handling

Animal handling is the key to consistent acquisition of reproducible data.

Vevo Imaging Station

The Vevo Imaging Station is custom-designed for small animal handling and optimal positioning. The system allows for:

  • quick set-up, alignment, and adjustment of the ultrasound probe
  • stable positioning of the anesthetized subject animal
  • real-time monitoring of key physiological parameters including body temperature, respiration, and heart rate

Image-Guided Injection

The automated image-guided precision micro-injection system provides a simple and efficient method for injections or extraction procedures. 

  1.  MicroScan™ transducer for high-resolution real-time ultrasound imaging
  2.  Vevo Mouse Handling Table for secure, humane maintenance of small animal subjects during an imaging session
  3.  Micro-Injection system, utilizing pulled-glass capillary needles.


Simple Vevo Imaging Station


  • Adjustable stand and transducer mount (does not include animal handling table or transducer)

The Simple Vevo Imaging Station is a simplified, economical animal imaging station
option, offering the stability of both the transducer and subject animal.  A cost-effective improvement in image quality compared hand-scanning techniques!

Vevo Anesthesia System

The Vevo Anesthesia System is a self-contained isoflurane-based anesthesia unit driven by either compressed oxygen or medical air. The system easily integrates with our mouse and rat handling platforms. Two different configurations are available - tabletop and rolling cart.

FUJIFILM VisualSonics only recommends inhaled anesthesia for a variety of reasons, including precision control, minimization of confounding physiological effect, ease of operator use, and animal safety.

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