Vevo Optical Fibers and Jackets

Customizable light delivery with the Vevo LAZR-X

Optimized Photoacoustic Imaging

Thru Flexible, Application-specific Light Delivery

Proper light delivery is crucial for obtaining optimal depth and sensitivity in photoacoustic imaging. Now with the Vevo LAZR-X platform, the illumination can be customized for the desired depth, sensitivity and field-of-view - just as one chooses a specific frequency of ultrasound transducer for a desired resolution.

The high-efficiency Vevo Optical Fibers come in 3 sizes and can be interchanged with the MX series transducers easily via their respective Vevo Fiber Jackets.  This results in a total of 7 different configurations of fibers/transducers to image from whole body to small organs.

The workflow is simple:

Step 1:
Select an MX/UHFx/LF transducer suitable for the desired animal model, anatomy and resolution.


Step 2:
Attach the customized Vevo Fiber Jacket for that transducer.

Step 3:
Select a high-efficiency Vevo Optical Fiber (wide, medium or narrow) for the desired width, depth and sensitivity of photoacoustic imaging.

Step 4:
Insert the Vevo Optical Fiber into the jacket and begin imaging.

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