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Our latest webinar presented by Vevo user Eno Hysi

Photoacoustic Radiofrequency Techniques for Imaging Cancer Treatment Response 

Join us for a LIVE webinar presented by Eno Hysi of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada

Topics to be discussed:

  • Development of biomarkers that rely on the information encoded frequency domain of the PA signals, focusing on applications of monitoring cancer treatment responses 
  • The physics behind acoustic-resolution PA signal generation using fractal models of tumor vasculature
  • Applications of vascular-targeted treatments (thermosensitive liposomes, bubbles and radiation) will be discussed in the context of in-vivo preclinical models of breast and prostate cancers
  • Q & A Session

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Photoacoustic and Fluorescent Molecular Imaging of Bacterial Infections: Development, Pre-clinical Evaluation and means for Clinical Translation 

Nov 13, 2019  at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join us for a LIVE webinar presented by Dr. Aimen Zlitni, PhD., postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Radiology and Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford

Procedures such as surgery, arthroplasty, fracture fixations, and biomedical implantations are susceptible to infection and provide means for bacterial seeding. A noninvasive tool to diagnose such infections early and accurately is imperative to determining the optimal course of treatment before the bacterial burden increases and results in systemic infection.