November 2019: Photoacoustic and Fluorescent Molecular Imaging of Bacterial Infections​

Presented by Dr. Aimen Zlitni, PhD., Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Radiology and Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford University

Procedures such as surgery, arthroplasty, fracture fixations, and biomedical implantations are susceptible to infection and provide means for bacterial seeding. A noninvasive tool to diagnose such infections early and accurately is imperative to determine the optimal course of treatment before the bacterial burden increases and results in systemic infection.

In this webinar, Dr. Zlitni discusses:

  • how photoacoustic imaging can be used as a diagnostic tool during early bacterial infection
  • development and pre-clinical evaluation of a maltotriose-based photoacoustic and fluorescent imaging probe
  • latest discoveries in identifying
  • optimal maltodextrin to target bacteria
  • ideal site for chemical functionalization
  • key characteristics of the dye to bridge the utility of this agent to photoacoustic and/or fluorescent imaging of bacterial infections
  • how development of such agents will lead to a non-invasive, cost effective, real-time imaging solution that can enable early detection of bacterial infection during surgery and injury with high resolution