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Featured Images

Featured Images

Imaging the spinal cord in swine

See a comparative ultra high-frequency image of spinal cord in a pig compared with a conventional ultrasound image.
Featured Images

Imaging Zebrafish with High Frequency Ultrasound

Discover the benefits of high frequency ultrasound imaging for zebrafish. Learn more about the incredible images acquired.
Featured Images

Cerebral Blood Flow

3D rendered and coregistered ultrasound (greyscale) and color Doppler (red and blue) image of the mouse brain.

Featured Images

Renal Carcinoma

Kidney tumor in the mouse. Imaged in 3D with the tumor traced in blue (left) and imaged with Color Doppler in 3D showing vasculature (right).

Featured Images

Blood Flow in the Brain

3D rendered and coregistered ultrasound (greyscale) and power Doppler (orange) image of a mouse brain.

Featured Images

Mouse Whole Body Imaging

Whole body photoacoustic imaging of a mouse following intravenous injection of indocyanine green. Images acquired using our Vevo LAZR-X system in conjunction with our upcoming innovative whole body photoacoustic imaging setup.
Featured Images

Embryo oxyhemo 3D

In vivo 3D rendered coregistered high-resolution ultrasound (greyscale) and photoacoustic (red, white and blue) image of a mid-gestational fetus and its associated placenta.
Featured Images

Tumor showing targeted and non-targeted nanoparticles

Ultrasound and photoacoustic image of a tumor showing oxyhemoglobin (red), deoxyhemoglobin (blue), targeted nanoparticles (green) and non-targeted nanoparticles (yellow.)
Featured Images

Rabbit embryo in a murine dam?

A very amusing image of what looks like a rabbit embryo in a murine dam. Image courtesy of Dr. Gilles Renaud from Cochin Institute in Paris, France.
Featured Images

Carotid Artery? Nope...look closer!

Although this may look like a carotid artery at first, what we are actually looking at is a longitudinal view of the radial artery bifurcation taken with our Vevo MD. 

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