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September 12, 2018 to September 15, 2018

WMIC 2018

August 21, 2018 to August 23, 2018

Vevo® LAZR-X Summer School

Featured Images

Whole body mouse imaging
Featured Images

Mouse Whole Body Imaging

Whole body photoacoustic imaging of a mouse following intravenous injection of indocyanine green. Images acquired using our Vevo LAZR-X system in conjunction with our upcoming innovative whole body photoacoustic imaging setup.
Oxygen Saturation in Mouse Embryo and Placenta
Featured Images

Embryo oxyhemo 3D

In vivo 3D rendered coregistered high-resolution ultrasound (greyscale) and photoacoustic (red, white and blue) image of a mid-gestational fetus and its associated placenta.
Featured Images

Tumor showing targeted and non-targeted nanoparticles

Ultrasound and photoacoustic image of a tumor showing oxyhemoglobin (red), deoxyhemoglobin (blue), targeted nanoparticles (green) and non-targeted nanoparticles (yellow.)
Featured Images

Rabbit embryo in a murine dam?

A very amusing image of what looks like a rabbit embryo in a murine dam. Image courtesy of Dr. Gilles Renaud from Cochin Institute in Paris, France.
Featured Images

Carotid Artery? Nope...look closer!

Although this may look like a carotid artery at first, what we are actually looking at is a longitudinal view of the radial artery bifurcation taken with our Vevo MD. 
Featured Images

4D Mode: Left and Right Atrium

Here are a couple of awesome new applications for our brand new 4D Imaging Mode. Check out these videos showing incredible detail of the left atrium and right atrium!
Featured Images

Scar - Conventional vs. Ultra High Frequency

Vevo MD Ultra High-Frequency ultrasound is able to bring out details in scars that are not visible using conventional ultrasound. Here is an image of a scar formed after open heart surgery.
Featured Images

UHF Ultrasound Images - Esophagus Swallowing

The layers of the esophageal wall can easily be distinguished using Vevo MD ultra high-frequency ultrasound. Physiology of the esophagus can also be observed while a volunteer swallows water. 
Featured Images

The Left Ventricle in 4D!

Our new 4D mode on the Vevo 3100 Imaging System will allow you to look at your 3D images over time. Here, a 4D image was taken from a parasternal short axis (SAX) view of the heart.
Featured Images

Ultrasound of the Bladder

The ultrasound of the bladder is a representative transabdominal view and clearly shows an infiltrating mass, albeit a small one, into the lumen of the bladder. This imaging plane was acquired using an MS550 transducer.

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