Acquisition and Analysis Tools

The Vevo Imaging Platforms come pre-loaded with easy-to use Vevo software for an optimal user experience 

Software Tools for Photoacoustic Imaging

Feature Name Description Benefit
HemoMeaZure Tool Total Hemoglobin content and quantification
  • Assess anemia
OxyZated Tool Oxygen saturation calculation and quantification
  • Assess hypoxic state of tumor microenvironment to predict disease burden
  • Fetal/maternal physiology
  • Stroke/ischemia
Contrast applications Detection and quantification of photoacoustic imaging agents
  • Detect sentinel lymph node (Methylene Blue, Evan’s Blue)
  • Image molecular agents
  • Study cellular specificity
Multi-Wavelength Imaging Allows precise adjustment of output laser wavelength
  • Allows optimal wavelength to be used for various absorbing structures or contrast agents
Multiplexing Imaging and consolidation of data from multiple wavelengths
  • Reduction of background noise
  • Improves sensitivity to photoacoustic contrast agents
  • Imaging of multiple contrast agents simultaneously
Digital RF-Mode export capability Allows for image data export in formats that can be analyzed using MATLAB, C++, or other programming environments
  • Allows multispectral photoacoustic analysis
  • Allows for custom and sophisticated image processing
Simultaneous mode, overlay Allows anatomical imaging and photoacoustic imaging simultaneously and/or independently
  • Identification of anatomical targets in high-resolution with inherently registered high-sensitivity photoacoustic data
  • Positional information of signal in real-time
3D-Mode with real-time visualization or reconstruction Real-time updating of 2D image for visualization and acquisition
  • Control of imaging volume for precise analysis
  • Volumetric acquisition
  • Review, analysis, and export of 3D data sets
Respiration gating capability Acquisition gated to defined time points within the breathing cycle
  • Improves or eliminates motion artifact due to breathing
  • Particularly useful for abdominal imaging
Presets, preferences, display maps Optimized parameters for various imaging applications
  • Ready-to-use, one-touch imaging presets
  • Control and adjustment of presets
  • Creation of new presets
  • Customized workflow


Ultrasound Software Tools

Software Name Description
Power Doppler Mode
  • 2D and 3D Power Doppler acquisition for the visualization of slow velocity flow and relative quantification of smaller vessels using advanced digital signal processing techniques
Color Doppler Mode
  • 2D and 3D Color Flow acquisition for blood flow velocity analysis using advanced digital signal processing technique
Contrast Imaging Functionality
  • Perfusion Analysis using destruction/reperfusion quantification
  • Biomarker quantification tools when using Vevo MicroMarker Target- Ready Contrast Agents
VevoCQ Advanced Contrast
  • Quantification Software for perfusion and targeted signal analysis
  • Perfusion parameters (including amplitude and time) derived from a curve fitting algorithm for bolus kinetics and replenishment kinetics following destruction reperfusion
  • Spatial rendering is available in the form of parametric maps
  • Data can be exported in .tiff, .bmp, .wmv files and .tsv formats
  • Acquisition can be triggered to one or two points in the cardiac cycle
  • Motion Mode, single line acquisition allowing high temporal resolution for LV functional analysis
  • Anatomical Motion Mode allows the user to steer the sample volume to any angle rather containing it strictly in a vertical position
Vevo Vasc Software
  • Analysis suite provides tools for vascular strain, strain rate and displacement
  • This feature also includes Pulse Propagation Velocity assessment
4D Analysis
  • 4D acquired images of the heart or blood vessels (seeing geometry and dynamics in one acquisition)
  • 4D volumetrics and cardiac functional parameters can be analyzed
LV Analysis
  • Improved and repeatable LV function analysis
  • LV trace can be generated automatically with one button (Auto LV)
Vevo Strain Software
  • Analysis suite provides tools for myocardial strain, strain rate and time-to-peak analysis
  • This feature also includes dynamic assessment of myocardial velocity and displacement