New CV Protocol Using Vevo 2100

Submitted by Craig Goergen, Frederick W. Damen and Arvin H. Soepriatna of Purdue University.

Through our collaboration with VisualSonics, we have developed a new protocol for collecting in vivo ECG and respiratory-gated 3D ultrasound volumes in mice in order to visualize complex cardiac motion. Current efforts are focused on using these datasets for subsequent computational flow dynamics and biomechanical modeling. We hope future studies can use this technique to study disease models of myocardial infarction, aortic stenosis, or ventricular hypertrophy.

Reference: Damen FW, Goergen CJ. 4 -Dimensional ultrasound imaging of left -ventricular dynamics. Oral Presentation – 14th Biennial Meeting, International Society of Applied Cardiovascular Biology. Cleveland, Ohio, April 3rd, 2014.



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