Dr. Luc Mertens from SickKids hospital discusses the benefits of using micro-ultrasound systems in the clinical setting. His talk covers recent developments, potential clinical applications and the future of high-frequency ultrasound.
Michael Kolios presents his talk of new emerging applications in the realm of photoacoustics, in the Innovation in Imaging Summit 2018. His talk covers photoacoustics for assessing ischemic kidney damage, photoacoustic contrast agents for molecular imaging nanobubbles, and more. 
Dr F. Stuart Foster presents his talk at the Innovation in Imaging Summit 2018. His talk covers topics on nanoparticle photoacoustic contrast agents, breaking down the blood brain barrier to deliver nanoparticle therapeutics, and more.
In this talk, recorded during the Innovation in Imaging Summit 2018 in Toronto, researcher Danielle Charron shares her lab's approach to creating photoacoustic nanoparticles. She highlights how a lot of the work they do in fluorescent imaging can also be done using photoacoustics as well.
Watch this very interesting presentation (by Dr. Florian Raes) that shares research aimed at assessing tumor oxygenation to validate non-invasive imaging measurements of tumor hypoxia.