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Featured Publications

Featured Publications

Assessment of Cardiac Function using 4D Imaging: Comparison with MRI

This recent article by Damen, et al. showcases the use of 4-dimensional ultrasound (4DUS) imaging for cardiac function evaluations, and compared the results to two standard techniques: short-axis M-mode (SAX MM) and cine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Featured Publications

Evaluation of Melanoma Brain Metastases using Photoacoustic Imaging

This recent article by Lavaud et al., uses high-frequency ultrasound and spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging as a multimodal non-invasive examination tool for the assessment of melanoma brain tumors in an orthotropic mouse model.
Featured Publications

Evaluation of Colitis and Carcinogenesis using Molecular Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

This recent article by Bruckner et al., uses commercially available target-ready microbubbles and antibodies to non-invasively assess the severity of intestinal inflammation and development of tumors in a mouse model of colitis.
Featured Publications

Measuring Absolute Blood Perfusion using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

This featured publication by Shirinfard et al, uses a novel microbubbles injection technique to evaluate the feasibility of using dynamic contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to assess absolute perfusion of tissue in mice.
Featured Publications

Determination of Cardiac Output using Pulmonary Flow

This recent article by Platt, et al. uses pulsed-wave Doppler measurement of pulmonary flow (PF) as an alternative method of cardiac output (CO) evaluation in a mouse model of myocardial infarction (MI). 
Featured Publications

Molecular Imaging of Breast Cancer using a Clinically-translatable Photoacoustic Contrast Agent

This article by Wilson, et al. uses PA contrast agent with an antibody specific to breast cancer cells to perform in vivo molecular imaging in an orthotopic mouse model of breast cancer.
Featured Publications

Use of Ultrasound and Photoacoustics for Placental Imaging

This recent article by Arthuis et al. highlights the benefits of using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Ultrasound with Photoacoustics to assess placental oxygenation in a rat model at mid-to-late gestation. 
Featured Publications

Use of Ultrasound with 3D Contrast to Assess Colorectal Cancer

This recent article by Freeling et al. highlights the benefits of using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Ultrasound with 3D Non-linear contrast (NLC) to assess colorectal cancer in a murine model. Read more.
Featured Publications

Bladder Tumour Development in an Orthotopic Murine Model

This recent study by Scheepbouwer et al, highlights the benefits of a multimodal imaging approach by using Bioluminescence (BLI), High Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS) and Photoacoustics (PAI) to image orthotopic tumor proliferation over a 30 day time period.
Nail bed anatomy
Featured Publications

Ultra High Frequency Ultrasound to Investigate Nail Bed Anatomy

This recent study by Berritto et al. highlights the benefits of using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Ultrasound to visualize anatomical detail of the nail; and represents the first article published using the Vevo MD.

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