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Evaluation of ductal carcinoma in situ grade via triple-modal molecular imaging of B7-H3 expression
npj Breast Cancer
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In vivo assessment of prostate cancer response using quantitative ultrasound characterization of ultrasonic scattering properties
BMC Cancer
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EGFR-Targeted ImmunoPET of UMUC3 Orthotopic Bladder Tumors
Molecular Imaging and Biology
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Investigation of Murine Vaginal Creep Response to Altered Mechanical Loads
Journal of biomechanical engineering
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Dual Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Tracking of Magnetically Driven Micromotors: From In Vitro to In Vivo
Advanced Healthcare Materials
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Photoacoustic image-guided corpus cavernosum intratunical injection of adipose stem cell-derived exosomes loaded polydopamine thermosensitive hydrogel for erectile dysfunction treatment
Bioactive Materials
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A 10% Tomato Diet Selectively Reduces Radiation-Induced Damage in TRAMP Mice
The Journal of Nutrition
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Differences in growth and vascularization of ectopic menstrual and non-menstrual endometrial tissue in mouse models of endometriosis
Human Reproduction
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Development of a bispecific immune engager using a recombinant malaria protein
Cell Death and Disease
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Transmucosal Delivery of Self-Assembling Photosensitizer-Nitazoxanide Nanocomplexes with Fluorinated Chitosan for Instillation-Based Photodynamic Therapy of Orthotopic Bladder Tumors
ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering
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