Usefulness of High-Frequency Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Melanoma: Mini Review

Maria Paola, Belfiore, Alfonso, Reginelli, Anna, Russo, Gaetano Maria, Russo, Maria Paola, Rocco, Elvira, Moscarella, Marilina, Ferrante, Antonello, Sica, Roberto, Grassi, Salvatore, Cappabianca

Frontiers in Oncology |

High-frequency equipment is characterized by ultrasound probes with frequencies of over 10 MHz. At higher frequencies, the wavelength decreases, which determines a lower penetration of the ultrasound beam so as to offer a better evaluation of the surface structures. This explains the growing interest in ultrasound in dermatology. This review examines the state of the art of high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS) in the assessment of skin cancer to ensure the high clinical approach and provide the best standard of evidence on which to base clinical and policy decisions.