MS Series Transducers
Designed specifically for animal research

Custom-Designed Linear Array Transducers for Vevo 2100

MS series of ultra-high frequency linear array transducers are custom-designed and optimized to operate in harmony with the Vevo 2100 Imaging System.

MS-transducers 640x220_0.jpg The MS series is the world’s first ultra-high frequency linear array technology. The patented solid-state probes are customized specifically for animal research. The design provides the ultimate in high-resolution imaging and maximum utility for small animal data studies.
Animal Transducer Applications

9–18 MHz

Cardiovascular, Abdominal; Larger Animal   
> 500g
Nonlinear Contrast Imaging

13–24 MHz

Large Tumor (< 23mm); Cardiovascular,
Abdominal < 250g
Nonlinear Contrast Imaging

18–38 MHz

Cardiovascular, Abdominal; Rabbit Eye

32–56 MHz

Cardiovascular, Embryo, Abdominal, Vascular, Epidermal Imaging,
Tumors (< 13mm), Ophthalmology

22–55 MHz

Cardiovascular, Abdominal, Embryo, Vascular, Tumors 
(< 14mm)

30–70 MHz

Epidermal Imaging, Superficial Tissue, Subcutaneous Tumors (< 9mm), Vascular, Ophthalmology, Externalized Embryo