Vevo F2

Designed for Ultrasound Research
Vevo F2

Vevo F2


The World's First Ultra High to Low Frequency (71-1 MHz) Ultrasound Imaging System

With the Vevo F2, FUJIFILM VisualSonics is expanding our reach to satisfy the imaging needs of acoustic researchers, ultrasound engineers and those that may benefit from ultra high to low frequency imaging capabilities.

  • Flexible: Ultra high to low frequency imaging (71–1 MHz)
  • Open Architecture: Access to pre-beamformed individual channel data (VADA)
  • One System: Adaptable for imaging small to large animals
  • Intuitive: Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Photoacoustic Capable: Compatible with the Vevo LAZR-X laser cart for multi-modal imaging

VADA: Vevo Advanced Data Acquisition

Explore this interactive infographic of the Signal Transmit and Receive Chain:

Interactive Infographic



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