Vevo 770

The Vevo 770 has retired. It's a great time to learn about the Vevo 3100.

Uptrade to a Vevo 3100 

The Vevo 770 High-Resolution In Vivo Micro-Imaging System is no longer offered for sale as of December 31, 2013.

Please contact us to find out about Vevo 770 customer loyalty discount opportunities towards a new system. See chart below for a feature comparison to the Vevo 3100.

With an impressively long list of new features, the Vevo 3100 is leading the way in HD in vivo ultrasound technology.

  Vevo 770 Vevo 3100
Axial Resolution 30 μm 30 μm
Lateral Resolution 70 μm 65 μm
Multi-Focus x
High Line Density x
Synthetic Aperture x
Vevo® HD x
MX Series Transducer x
Customizable Workflow x
Built-in Applications x
Size/Weight Reduction x


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