Vevo 2100

This product is being discontinued.

Vevo 2100


Dear Valued Customer,

At FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc. (FF-VSI), we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. The Vevo 2100 Imaging System is now discontinued. All technology products eventually reach the end of their useful life, requiring a difficult decision to discontinue them. Product discontinuation is a part of the cycle that drives new technology and product innovation. Today, we continue to offer our customers the robust Vevo F2 and the Vevo F2 LAZR-X Imaging Solutions for your preclinical imaging needs. See product retirement information.

Vevo 2100

The Vevo® 2100 system expands the functionality, flexibility and image quality of the earlier Vevo 770 system

The Vevo 2100 operates at frequencies never before achieved with solid-state array transducers. 

The new MicroScan™ transducers provide increased frame rates, superb contrast, unrivaled resolution and a wider field of view.

Features Include: 

  • Superior resolution and image uniformity through entire field of view
  • 30 micron resolution
  • Frame rates up to 740 fps


Expandable Imaging and Processing Options

  • Color and Power Doppler Modes for blood flow quantification 
  • M-Mode single line acquisition for high-temporal resolution in LV functional analysis
  • 3D-Mode Imaging & Volume Analysis
  • Nonlinear Contrast Imaging
  • VevoStrain™ Analysis software for cardiac research
  • Advanced measurements & quantification

Software analysis and data management:

Key Features

  • Ideal for long term studies with ability to add images/data to an existing study
  • View images simultaneously for consistency and comparison 
  • Reserve time on the system - perform data analysis on an off-line computer

Data Management and Export

Analyze, label, annotate and archive images and studies through a flexible, open-architecture system. 

  • Export a list of acquired studies/series/images to paste into lab book 
  • Easily export with and without annotations/measurements (without duplication of data) 
  • Easily export with and without physiological parameters (without duplication of data) 

Export data as TIFF, BMP, AVI uncompressed AVI, MS Video9 and DICOM

Upgrade to the Vevo F2

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