Vevo F2 LT

The Perfect Balance between Flexibility and Affordability

Our Entry-level Ultra-high to Low Frequency Imaging System

The Vevo® F2 LT Imaging System for all your basic ultrasound imaging needs.

Vevo F2 LT

Versatility at your fingertips (1-71 MHz)

The Vevo F2 LT Imaging System is FUJIFILM VisualSonics’ latest entry-level ultra-high to low frequency ultrasound platform. It is perfectly suited for performing basic preclinical studies on small as well as larger animals - meeting both your research and budgetary needs.

The Vevo F2 LT offers real-time, in vivo physiological information that contributes to understanding biological functions and so much more. 

The Vevo F2 LT comes with a fixed set of features and hardware:

•    B-Mode
•    M-Mode
•    Color Doppler
•    PW Doppler
•    Vevo LAB Workstation Software
•    Your choice of transducer

Vevo F2 LT Applications:


Perform basic cardiovascular research with small animal models including functional and anatomical analyses.


Lesion in Embryo Spine

Detect and monitor pregnancy in vivo. Repeatable for longitudinal studies over the full gestational term with resolution down to 30 μm.


Liver Metastasis

Detect pre-palpable tumors earlier and monitor growth using high resolution, all at high throughput.

Image-Guided Needle Injections

Perform precise, accurate and repeatable guided injections into almost any anatomical target.

Advance your research with:

  • High image quality with Vevo HD technology
  • Anatomical, hemodynamic and functional data all using one platform
  • Resolution down to 30 μm
  • Customizable workflow for rapid data acquisition
  • Intuitive touchscreen for ease-of-use
  • State-of-the-art ultra high-frequency electronics operating up to 70 MHz


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