VisualSonics Receives ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Registration

January 23, 2006

Toronto, Ontario. – January 23, 2006 – VisualSonics, the world’s leading developer of high resolution, micro-ultrasound-based in vivo imaging systems for preclinical research, today announced that its quality management system has been registered as complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. VisualSonics’ quality management system addresses all parts of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, including product conceptualization, design and development, testing, manufacturing, shipping and support.

Many of VisualSonics’ customers, such as leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, must adhere to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines which hold them accountable for the equipment design, calibration and maintenance involved in conducting research studies. This new ISO certification provides VisualSonics’ customers with the assurance that VisualSonics’ has a quality management system that controls the equipment design, calibration, and maintenance activities that are essential to meeting the GLP study requirements.

“Obtaining ISO 9001:2000 registration is a major achievement for VisualSonics,” commented Tom Little, President and CEO of VisualSonics. “This registration demonstrates VisualSonics’ commitment to having the highest quality standards for our biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical community customers who are conducting important preclinical research in a wide range of areas such as cardiac and vascular disease, cancer, stem cell research and developmental biology.”

ISO 9001:2000 is recognized globally as the guideline for establishing and maintaining an effective quality management system for any business sector providing products or services. Companies seeking registration must be able to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements to the satisfaction of an independent third party auditor. ISO 9001 has existed for almost twenty years and in 2000, the standard was revised, placing more emphasis on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

About VisualSonics

VisualSonics is the world’s leading developer of high-resolution, ultrasound-based, in vivo micro-imaging systems designed specifically for non-invasive small animal research. The company’s enabling micro-ultrasound technology, the Vevo 770, allows researchers at many of the world’s most prestigious pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals and research centers to conduct genetic research, phenotypic study and drug development.

Micro-ultrasound is the fastest growing preclinical imaging modality. This enabling technology is facilitating research in cardiac and vascular disease, cancer, stem cell research and developmental biology. When compared to other imaging options, only micro-ultrasound has the combination of high-resolution, real-time imaging, in vivo detection and analysis, reasonable cost, ease of use, portability and no negative biological effects. More information on VisualSonics and micro-ultrasound can be found at


Jennifer Viera 

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