VisualSonics secures financing from Hargan-Global Ventures Inc.

January 12, 2000

TORONTO, ON: VisualSonics announces that it has secured a staged $1.5 Million round of venture capital financing from Hargan-Global Ventures ( This represents a major step forward in the activities of the Company. The funds will be used to commercialize its products and to continue developing its leadership position in pre-clinical animal imaging and high resolution ultrasound. VisualSonics welcomes Sam Ifergan, President and Co-founder of Hargan-Global, to its board. In response to his joining the board, Sam Ifergan stated "We are very pleased to help in founding and backing VisualSonics. We believe that the market for Visual's products is very large and we believe that Dr. Foster's science and leadership will help us execute on this opportunity. We look forward in playing our role of helping VisualSonics grow". Hargan-Global is a privately funded venture capital firm that invests in early stage companies. Hargan-Global's role is to provide capital, expertise and management and to work very closely with its investee companies so they can reach the next milestone in their growth.

About VisualSonics

VisualSonics ( is the leading manufacturer of high-resolution in vivo imaging systems for small animal research. VisualSonics' Vevo 660™ high-resolution imaging system provides real-time visualization and measurement of anatomical and hemodynamic function in small animals down to 30 microns. Because of the non-invasive nature of the technology, longitudinal studies of the same animal can be performed. This high-resolution imaging technology is being successfully applied to phenotypic-based research applications such as developmental biology, cardiovascular research, cancer biology, neurobiology and drug discovery.