September 10, 2020 to September 11, 2020

1st Ultra High Frequency Ultrasound Symposium

September 02, 2020 to September 04, 2020

4th Vevo® Cardiovascular Summer School

Image-guided Injection

Eliminate the need for surgery, increase efficiency and save time!

Perform Precise, Repeatable, and Reliable Ultrasound-Guided Injections

Increase Efficiency and Save Time in Small Animal Research using Ultra High Frequency ultrasound.

The high resolution of the Vevo micro-ultrasound imaging systems can help you visualize your target without the need of surgical intervention.  Animal surgery requires time, effort and skill. Eliminating the need for surgery will increase efficiency and save time! Ultrasound-guided injection procedures are also less painful for research animals and require little recovery compared to surgical procedures.

Needle guides are provided to ensure precise injections, and a Vevo Infusion Pump can be used for picoliter injection volumes. Vevo systems give you the tools to be confident and keep procedures SIMPLE!


Ultrasound-Guided Injection into mouse pancreas using a 30G needle. 


Ultrasound-guided injection into the fourth ventricle of an externalized E12 embryo using a pulled glass capillary. 

Image Guided Injection is Perfect For:

  • Orthotopic tumor cell implantation
  • Embryonic injections (brain, placenta, and more)
  • Tissue/tumor biopsy
  • Precise drug delivery

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