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Delineate organs, abnormalities, and tumors with high resolution

Abdominal Imaging: It's what's INSIDE that Counts

Visualize and Assess Function in Abdominal Organs 

With the Vevo imaging systems you can delineate organs, abnormalities, and tumors with high resolution abdominal imaging. Want to know more? Users can also assess functionality within organs (liver, pancreas, spleen) using the Color and PW Doppler (assess blood flow) and 3D tools. Let Vevo add robustness to your research!

How Can the Ultra High Frequency Ulrtasound Help You?

  • Non-invasive, pre-palpable tumor identification
  • Organ/tumor perfusion and volume quantification
  • Contrast-enhanced Imaging of biomarkers
  • Intestinal motility and inflammation models

Lobes in the Mouse Liver

Lobes of the mouse liver

Splenic Vasculature

Spleen with associated vasculature with color Doppler

Major Structures in the Mouse Abdomen
Cross-section through the mouse abdomen

B-mode image of the mouse abdomen in a model of pancreatic cancer. Tumor as well as major organs are outlined and labeled.

Great For:

  • Pancreatic cancer models
  • Contrast-enhanced Imaging of biomarkers
  • Liver Cirrhosis (Radio Frequency, RF, data)
  • Non-alcholic fatty liver disease