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Visualize the smallest Vascular Anatomy Possible

High-Frequency Vascular Ultrasound for the Smallest Patients

The Vevo MD was designed specifically with vascular applications in mind. Ultra high frequency vascular ultrasound allows for visualization of the smallest vascular anatomy imaginable:

  • arteries and veins in pediatric and neonatal patients
  • measurement of Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) for research and assessment of cardiovascular health
  • assessment of vein wall morphology for cannulation readiness in AV fistula patients
  • assessment of peripheral vessels in diabetes and other circulatory conditions
  • visualization of flow patterns in in atherosclerotic or abnormal vessels

Below: 2D video imaged using Vevo MD that demonstrates the bicuspid properties of the valves when working properly prevent the back flow of blood in the venous system. Visit Gallery for more images.

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