5 Great Reasons Why Researchers Love the Vevo 3100

Below are 5 features available ONLY on the Vevo 3100!


1. Ergonomic Design

The system is portable and compact with MX Series transducers that are custom-designed and optimized to allow for high-resolution imaging with precision and ease. Learn more.


2. 4D Imaging

Visualize the dynamic motion of the myocardium throughout the cardiac cycle with the 3D geometry of the heart. Learn more.


3. Vevo Voice

Scan, save and review images hands-free using voice commands - perfect for improving efficiency! Watch the video to see it in action.


4. Vevo HD Image Technology

Revolutionary image processing technology reduces speckle noise and artifacts in images while preserving and enhancing critical tissue information, in real time. Learn more.


5. Multi-modal imaging with LAZR-X

True multi-modal imaging combining ultrasound and photoacoustics. Volumetrics, hemodynamics, oximetry, and biomarker detection are at your fingertips all in one platform. Learn more.

Upgrading from Vevo 770? See comparison here.
Upgrading from Vevo 2100? See comparison here.