TORONTO or ONSITE: Cardiovascular Two-Day Training

This course is offered at your lab or at our Toronto Lab.

Our Cardiovascular Training Program will use the mouse model to help users optimize their use of the Vevo high-resolution imaging system for cardiovascular phenotyping.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • How to do a mouse echocardiogram, including imaging the heart in long axis, short axis and apical views.
  • How to obtain images of the aortic valve, pulmonary valve, mitral and tricuspid valves
  • How to use Color Doppler Mode 
  • How to obtain and measure Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode and M-Mode spectrums
  • Diastolic function measurements
  • Left ventricular analysis
  • Workflow optimization
  • Ultrasound guided injection into the myocardium

This is a hands-on session


Vevo University Courses are offered On Site, our Toronto Lab or at our Amsterdam Lab

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5 Reasons to Attend:

1. Personal instruction

2. The perfect balance between theoretical and hands-on learning

3. Cover the application areas of your choice on your own animal model

4. Our labs offer full range of systems, software and accessories 

5. Certificate upon completion