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Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research

The excellent spatial resolution and expanded functionality of the Vevo® system greatly facilitates research in regenerative medicine by enabling researchers to visualize and assess tissue regeneration in areas such as nerve damage and repair and stem cell applications in myocardial infarction.

High-spatial resolution up to 30 μm allows for excellent delineation of numerous anatomical structures such as nerves. Nerve damage and healing can induce changes in nerve texture and brightness under ultrasound imaging and can be detected and quantified measuring pixel intensity with histograms by the Vevo system.

Quantification of tissue perfusion: Various pathologies can affect blood flow such as myocardial infarction. Contrast imaging with contrast agent injections enables blood flow assessment in the infarct border regions.

Image-guided injection and biopsy: The integrated rail system and the image-guided needle injection system enables needle injections to and biopsies/aspiration from soft tissue in the tissues of interest. For example, stem cells can be injected into the infarct border regions of the heart.

Detection and quantification of biomarkers: Biomarker expressions can be detected and quantified using Target-ready Vevo MicroMarker® contrast agents. For example, P-selectin-coupled Vevo MicroMarker contrast agents can be used as an inflammatory marker in various tissues.


Image-guided injection into targeted myocardial tissues while avoiding injury to an adult mouse. Imaged using B-Mode on Vevo 2100 system.


Target-Ready Vevo MicroMarker contrast agent hind limb inflammation model - Abnormal P-Selectin expression. Imaged using Contrast Mode on Vevo 2100 system.

Commonly used terminology:

Transplantation, stem cell, tissue regeneration, diabetes