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Micro-Ultrasound in Biomarker Development

High-resolution, high-frequency, micro-imaging quantification tools for pharmaceutical research & drug development.

VisualSonics facilitates the pharmaceutical drug discovery process with easy-to-use screening & quantification tools.

High-frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic technology allow for non-invasive, longitudinal monitoring suited for in vivo studies of efficacy and toxicity in the drug development process.


Image guided injection into a mouse embryo brain at E12. Imaged using B-Mode on Vevo 770 system.

The possibilities include:

Color-coded direction in a rat's Superior Mesentaric Artery. Imaged using Color Doppler Mode on Vevo 2100 system.

“Significant changes were detected using the VevoStrain software, earlier in the disease process than is possible using standard measures”





Click here to download the latest powerpoint on drug-induced vascular injury.

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Parasternal short axis views of both a mouse and human heart showing different LV papillary positioning. Imaged using B-Mode on Vevo 2100 system.

  • Micro-ultrasound imaging as a platform for pre-safety assessment of
    • drug liability
    • de-risking of potential therapeutic compounds
    • development of a non-invasive biomarker of drug induced vascular injury