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3D Visualization

3D measurement and visualization of datasets is available in an optional 3D package from VisualSonics

When visualizing irregular structures, 3D measurement is especially valuable because it reduces the chance of ambiguous or erroneous results. The 3D package allows users to view a series of 2D images as a 3D volume and apply various techniques. In addition, the user can view and analyze any arbitrary plane and perform 3D volume measurements, such as determining volumes for orthotopic tumors in vivo.


3D Tumor Volume – Transgenic prostate tumor measuring 6.9mm3 is outlined in red, with the surrounding prostate tissue in blue, and the bladder in yellow. Imaged using 3D Mode on Vevo 2100 system. Image courtesy of Robarts Research Institute, 2008.

3D Power Doppler Mode imaging – Rendered 3D Power Doppler Mode image of an adult mouse testicle, this image shows the vascular network within this organ. Imaged using 3D Power Doppler Mode on Vevo 2100 system.

Generate 3D volumes of organs/tissues: For a more complete picture of the anatomy and morphology

Obtain 3D images of vessels: Evaluate vessel architecture, including stenosis

Generate 3D blood flow data using Power Doppler Mode or Vevo MicroMarker® contrast agents allowing detailed vascular network to be visualized within an organ or tumor

High resolution 3D imaging of the heart (using ECG gating)