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About Vevo MicroMarker Contrast Agents

Microbubble contrast agents have been used in ultrasound imaging as a means of improving the visualization of blood flow with respect to the surrounding tissue. These micron-sized particles consist of a gas core surrounded by a lipid shell and are injected intravenously into the circulatory system. Understanding the patterns of blood flow is a powerful tool for evaluating the differences between normal and pathological tissues. 

These microbubbles can either be Non-targeted for visualization of blood flow and perfusion or conjugated to a molecular target (Target-Ready) to enable true in vivo molecular imaging.

Read below how Target-Ready Vevo®MicroMarkers are being used by researchers:

Vevo Blog:
Imaging with Bubbles…Next Generation Tool for Molecular Imaging?

The recent 2016 FDA approval of Bracco’s Lumason for its use in liver lesion detection for both adults and children, marks a milestone for microbubble imaging, paving the way for increased adoption and expanded clinical use of microbubbles in abdominal and pelvic imaging.