In vivo photoacoustic imaging for monitoring treatment outcome of corneal neovascularization with metformin eye drops

Kwok-Ho Lui, Shiying Li, Wai-sum Lo, Yanjuan Gu, Wing-Tak Wong
Biomedical Optics Express2021
Corneal neovascularization (CNV) compromises corneal avascularity and visual acuity. Current clinical visualization approaches are subjective and unable to provide molecular information. Photoacoustic (PA) imaging offers an objective and non-invasive way for angiogen- esis investigation through hemodynamic and oxygen saturation level (sO2) quantification. Here, we demonstrate the utility of PA and slit lamp microscope for in vivo rat CNV model. PA images revealed untreated corneas exhibited higher sO2 level than treatment groups. The PA results complement with the color image obtained with slit lamp. These data suggest PA could offer an objective and non-invasive method for monitoring CNV progression and treatment outcome through the sO2 quantification.

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