Silica-coated gold nanoplates as stable photoacoustic contrast agents for sentinel lymph n[1] G. P. Luke, A. Bashyam, K. a Homan, S. Makhija, Y.-S. Chen, and S. Y. Emelianov, “Silica-coated gold nanoplates as stable photoacoustic contrast agents for senti

Geoffrey P Luke, Ashvin Bashyam, Kimberly a Homan, Suraj Makhija, Yun-Sheng Chen, Stanislav Y Emelianov
A biopsy of the first lymph node to which a tumor drains-the sentinel lymph node (SLN)-is commonly performed to identify micrometastases. Image guidance of the SLN biopsy procedure has the potential to improve its accuracy and decrease its morbidity. We have developed a new stable contrast agent for photoacoustic image-guided SLN biopsy: silica-coated gold nanoplates (Si-AuNPs). The Si-AuNPs exhibit high photothermal stability when exposed to pulsed and continuous wave laser irradiation. This makes them well suited for in vivo photoacoustic imaging. Furthermore, Si-AuNPs are shown to have low cytotoxicity. We tested the Si-AuNPs for SLN mapping in a mouse model where they exhibited a strong, sustained photoacoustic signal. Real-time ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging revealed that the Si-AuNPs quickly drain to the SLN, gradually spreading throughout a large portion of the node.

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