Ratiometric Photoacoustic Nanoprobe for Bioimaging of Cu2+

Sheng Wang, Guocan Yu, Ying Ma, Zhen Yang, Yi Liu, Jing Wang, Xiaoyuan Chen
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2018
Aberrant copper content implicates numerous diseases including Alzheimer's disease and Wilson’s disease. Conventional copper detection technologies are difficult to offer non-invasive and accurate deep tissue detection of copper. Here we report a photoacoustic (PA) nanoprobe (NRh- IR-NMs) for ratiometric PA imaging of Cu2+. The nanoprobe consists of a selective Cu2+-responsive probe (NRh) as the indicator and a non-responsive dye (IR) as the internal reference. In the presence of Cu2+, a selective Cu2+-induced structure change of NRh would take place, resulting in the increase of PA signal intensity increment at 716 nm (ΔPA716). However, the ΔPA834 which attributes to IR shows negligible change. Therefore, the ratiometric PA signal (ΔPA716/ΔPA834) could be used as an indicator for Cu2+ detection. This ratiometric PA detection method offers a non-invasive technology with high selectivity and tissue penetration depth, which is a promising tool for deep tissue detection of Cu2+ in living organisms.

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