Protein-based photothermal theranostics for imaging-guided cancer therapy

Pengfei Rong, Peng Huang, Zhiguo Liu, Jing Lin, Albert Jin, Ying Ma, Gang Niu, Lun Yu, Wenbin Zeng, Wei Wang, Xiaoyuan Chen
The development of imageable photothermal theranostics has attracted considerable attention for imaging guided photothermal therapy (PTT) with high tumor ablation accuracy. In this study, we strategi- cally constructed a near-infrared (NIR) cyanine dye by introducing a rigid cyclohexenyl ring to the hepta- methine chain to obtain a heptamethine dye CySCOOH with high fluorescence intensity and good stability. By covalent conjugation of CySCOOH onto human serum albumin (HSA), the as-prepared HSA@CySCOOH nanoplatform is highly efficient for NIR fluorescence/photoacoustic/thermal multi- modality imaging and photothermal tumor ablation. The theranostic capability of HSA@CySCOOH was systematically evaluated both in vitro and in vivo. Most intriguingly, complete tumor elimination was achieved by intravenous injection of HSA@CySCOOH (CySCOOH, 1 mg kg−1; 808 nm, 1.0 W cm−2 for 5 min) into 4T1 tumor-bearing mice, with no weight loss, noticeable toxicity, or tumor recurrence being observed. This as-prepared protein-based nanotheranostics exhibits high water dispersibility, no off target cytotoxicity, and good biodegradability and biocompatibility, thus facilitating its clinical translation to cancer photothermal theranostics.

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