Morphologic Features of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas Using Dermoscopy and High Frequency Ultrasound

Iris Wohlmuth-Wieser, Joel M. Ramjist, Neil Shear, Raed Alhusayen
Journal of Clinical Medicine2021
The diagnosis of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (CTCL) is frequently delayed by a median of three years and requires the clinical evaluation of an experienced dermatologist and a confirmatory skin biopsy. Dermoscopy and high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS) represent two non-invasive diagnostic tools. While dermoscopy is inexpensive and widely used for the diagnosis of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, HFUS of skin lymphomas represents a novel diagnostic approach that is not yet implemented in the routine dermatologic practice. The aim of our study was to prospectively assess skin lesions of patients with either CTCL patches or plaques with dermoscopy and HFUS and to compare the findings with atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis. Thirteen patients with an established diagnosis of CTCL, psoriasis, or AD were studied: Dermoscopy features including spermatozoa-like structures and the presence of white scales could assist in differentiating between early-stage CTCL and AD. HFUS measurements of the skin thickness indicated increased epidermal-, thickness in CTCL, and psoriasis compared with AD. Our results support the use of dermoscopy as a useful tool to diagnose CTCL. HFUS could augment the dermatologic assessment, but further studies will be needed to define standardized parameters.

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