Inhibition of Tumor Growth Progression by Antiandrogens and mTOR Inhibitor in a Pten-Deficient Mouse Model of Prostate Cancer

Weisheng Zhang, Joe Zhu, Clay L Efferson, Chris Ware, Jennifer Tammam, Minilik Angagaw, Jason Laskey, Kimberly a Bettano, Shailaja Kasibhatla, John F Reilly, Cyrille Sur, Pradip K Majumder
Cancer Research2009
Androgen receptors have been shown to play a critical role in prostate cancer. We used ultrasound imaging techniques to track tumor response to antiandrogen and rapamycin treatment in a prostate-specific Pten-deleted mouse model of cancer. Depletion of androgens by either surgical or chemical castration significantly inhibited tumor growth progression without altering the activation of Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). We also showed for the first time that targeting mTOR along with antiandrogen treatment exhibited additive antitumor effects in vivo when compared with single agents. Our preclinical data suggest that combination of antiandrogens with mTOR inhibitors might be more effective in treating androgen-dependent prostate cancer patients.

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