Dye-Loaded Ferritin Nanocages for Multimodal Imaging and Photothermal Therapy

Peng Huang, Pengfei Rong, Albert Jin, Xuefeng Yan, Molly Gu Zhang, Jing Lin, Hao Hu, Zhe Wang, Xuyi Yue, Wanwan Li, Gang Niu, Wenbin Zeng, Wei Wang, Kechao Zhou, Xiaoyuan Chen
Advanced Materials2014
Multimodal imaging-guided photothermal therapy (PTT), for the therapy of cancer, based on a ferritin (FRT) nanocage loaded with the near-infrared dye IR820 (designated DFRT) is demonstrated. The dual roles of DFRT (in imaging and PTT) are successfully balanced by using two different excitation wavelengths: 550 nm for high quantum-yield fluorescence imaging on the one hand and 808 nm for photoacoustic imaging and PTT with high photothermal conversion efficiency on the other.

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