Diagnostic Imaging of A2 Pulley Injuries: A Review of the Literature

William Berrigan, William White, Kevin Cipriano, Jordan Wickstrom, Jay Smith, Nelson Hager
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine2021
Injury to the A2 pulley is caused by high eccentric forces on the flexor-tendon–pulley system. Accurate diagnosis is necessary to identify the most appropriate treatment options. This review summarizes the literature with respect to using ultrasound (US) to diagnose A2 pulley injuries, compares ultrasound to magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, and identifies current knowledge gaps. The results suggest that US should be used as the primary imaging modality given high accuracy, relatively low cost, ease of access, and dynamic imaging capabilities. Manual resistance is beneficial to accentuate bowstringing, but further research is needed to determine best positioning for evaluation.

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