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Data processing of 3D and 4D in-vivo electron paramagnetic resonance imaging co-registered with ultrasound. 3D printing as a registration tool

M. Gonet, B. Epel, M. Elas
Computers & Electrical Engineering2019
We present the concept of image registration using ultrasound (US) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) imaging and discuss the benefits of this solution, as well as its limitations. Both phantoms and murine tumors were used to test US and EPR image co-registration. Comparison of dental molding cast immobilization and predesigned cradle revealed that the latter approach is more effective in stabilizing the fiducial position. In vivo imaging of mouse tumors, image registration and comparison of fiducials system for 3D spatial as well as 4D spatial-spectral EPR imaging supported by 3D US were demonstrated. Ultrasound may provide a convenient alternative to other anatomical imaging methods for image registration in preclinical research. Of particular interest is a fusion of US tissue structure, doppler vascular function and EPR oxygen or redox imaging.

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