Construction of Smart Nanotheranostic Platform Bi-Ag@PVP: Multimodal CT/PA Imaging-Guided PDT/PTT for Cancer Therapy

Zonglang Zhou, Jun Xie, Sihan Ma, Xian Luo, Jiajing Liu, Shengyu Wang, Yuqiang Chen, Jianghua Yan, Fanghong Luo
ACS Omega2021
High-efficiency nanotheranostic agents with multimodal imaging guidance have attracted considerable interest in the field of cancer therapy. Herein, novel silver-decorated bismuth-based heterostructured polyvinyl pyrrolidone nanoparticles (NPs) with good biocompatibility (Bi-Ag@PVP NPs) were synthesized for accurate theranostic treatment, which can integrate computed tomography (CT)/photoacoustic (PA) imaging and photodynamic therapy/photothermal therapy (PDT/PTT) into one platform. The Bi-Ag@PVP NPs can enhance light absorption and achieve a better photothermal effect than bismuth NPs. Moreover, after irradiation under an 808 nm laser, the Bi-Ag@PVP NPs can efficiently induce the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), thereby synergizing PDT/PTT to exert an efficient tumor ablation effect both in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, Bi-Ag@PVP NPs can also be employed to perform enhanced CT/PA imaging because of their high X-ray absorption attenuation and enhanced photothermal conversion. Thus, they can be utilized as a highly effective CT/PA imaging-guided nanotheranostic agent. In addition, an excellent antibacterial effect was achieved. After irradiation under an 808 nm laser, the Bi-Ag@PVP NPs can destroy the integrity of Escherichia coli, thereby inhibiting E. coli growth, which can minimize the risk of infection during cancer therapy. In conclusion, our study provides a novel nanotheranostic platform that can achieve CT/PA-guided PDT/PTT synergistic therapy and have potential antibacterial properties. Thus, this work provides an effective strategy for further broad clinical application prospects.

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