Cardiomyocyte-targeted and 17β-estradiol-loaded acoustic nanoprobes as a theranostic platform for cardiac hypertrophy

Xueli Zhao, Wen Luo, Jing Hu, Lei Zuo, Jing Wang, Rui Hu, Bo Wang, Lei Xu, Jing Li, Meng Wu, Pan Li, Liwen Liu
Journal of Nanobiotechnology2018
Background: Theranostic perfluorocarbon nanoprobes have recently attracted attention due to their fascinating versatility in integrating diagnostics and therapeutics into a single system. Furthermore, although 17β-estradiol (E2) is a potential anti-hypertrophic drug, it has severe non-specific adverse effects in various organs. Therefore, we have developed cardiomyocyte-targeted theranostic nanoprobes to achieve concurrent targeted imaging and treatment of cardiac hypertrophy. Results: We had successfully synthesized E2-loaded, primary cardiomyocyte (PCM) specific peptide-conjugated nanoprobes with perfluorocarbon (PFP) as a core (PCM-E2/PFPs) and demonstrated their stability and homogeneity. In vitro and in vivo studies confirmed that when exposed to low-intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU), these versatile PCM-E2/PFPs can be used as an amplifiable imaging contrast agent. Furthermore, the significantly accelerated release of E2 enhanced the therapeutic efficacy of the drug and prevented systemic side effects. PCM-E2/PFPs + LIFU treat- ment also significantly increased cardiac targeting and circulation time. Further therapeutic evaluations showed that PCM-E2/PFPs + LIFU suppressed cardiac hypertrophy to a greater extent compared to other treatments, revealing high efficiency in cardiac-targeted delivery and effective cardioprotection. Conclusion: Our novel theranostic nanoplatform could serve as a potential theranostic vector for cardiac diseases.

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