Aggregate Enhanced Trimodal Porphyrin Shell Microbubbles for Ultrasound, Photoacoustic, and Fluorescence Imaging

Elizabeth Huynh, Cheng S. Jin, Brian C. Wilson, Gang Zheng
Bioconjugate Chemistry2014
Microbubbles (MBs) are currently used as ultrasound (US) contrast agents and as delivery vehicles for site-specific US-triggered drug and gene delivery. Multimodal US-based imaging methods have been applied preclinically to assess and validate the effectiveness and fate of MBs in imaging and therapy. Here we present the first intrinsically trimodal MBs by incorporating a dense concentration of porphyrin molecules within a MB shell, enabled by the use of a single porphyrin-lipid component. These MBs possess US, photoacoustic, and fluorescence properties that are demonstrated in solution and in a mouse tumor xenograft model. They also have potential to be extended to other imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear imaging.

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