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UHF Series Transducers

Range of Transducers for the Vevo MD

Custom-designed and optimized to operate with the Vevo MD

The new UHF Series Transducers allow for the finest resolution of any general purpose ultrasound system available today. Ergonomically designed for ease-of-use, the UHF Series transducers come in a range of sizes and resolutions to allow for great flexibility. 


UHF 22
UHF 48

UHF 70





Bandwidth 10-22 MHz 20-46 MHz 29-71MHz
Axial Resolution 100μm 50μm 30μm
Lateral Resolution 220μm 110μm 65μm
Image Width (Max) 32.0mm 15.4mm 9.7mm
Image Depth (Max) 38.4mm 23.5mm 10.0mm
Focal Depth 18mm 9mm 5mm
Applications Applications: Paediatric, Small Parts, MSK and Peripheral Vascular  Applications: Paediatric, Small Parts, MSK, Peripheral Vascular and Dermatology  Applications: Paediatric, Small Parts, MSK, Peripheral Vascular and Dermatology

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