Certified Class 1 Device

LAZRTight™ Imaging Enclosure

The LAZRTight imaging enclosure is an exclusive animal handling system which encapsulates the imaging station and provides maximal system performance for image and data generation, while ensuring the safety of the operator.


  • Containment of laser light
  • Eliminates requirement of separate laser-operation room
  • Encases animal imaging system
  • Transducer mounting system
  • 3D positioning system environment

Vevo® Imaging Station

Animal management is one of the keys to acquiring consistent, reproducible data when using any type of small animal imaging system

The Vevo Imaging System (Integrated Rail System) is an adjustable rail system custom-designed for small animal handling, positioning and image optimization.


  • Designed to be used with and fit within the LAZRTight™ Enclosure
  • Transducer mounting system for quick set-up, alignment and adjustment of ultrasound probe
  • Easy integration with Anesthesia System
  • Adjustable to fit Micro-injection System for ultrasound-guided injections & extractions
  • Temperature-controlled animal platform

For more information, visit Imaging Station

Anesthesia System

The Vevo Compact Anesthesia System is an easy-to-use technology for small animal anesthesia. The isoflurane-based anesthesia easily integrates into the mouse or rat handling platforms. The user can choose between oxygen, medical air or dual connection set-up.

  • Self-contained isoflurane-based anesthesia unit for use on lab tables, with a compact 8" x 11" footprint
  • Self-contained isoflurane-based anesthesia unit for use in lab settings on a rolling cart

For more information, visit Anesthesia System

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